Christ Church’s Mission Statement:

Christ Episcopal Church is a Christian faith community that welcomes all, worships together, transforms lives, and engages in God’s work in greater Montpelier and beyond.

Vestry – Elected Leadership Team

The Christ Church vestry (elected leadership team) is comprised of a group of dynamic thinkers and leaders who strategically plan to promote the mission and ministry of our faith community.  Vestry meetings are held on the third Monday of every month and all meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about the mission and vision of Christ Episcopal Church.

Elected leadership team for 2019:

Bruce Story – Senior Warden

Sarah Hofmann – Junior Warden

Ginny Catone – Secretary of the Vestry

John Jaworski – Treasurer

Corrie Wilcox – Assistant Treasurer

Amy Kuzio

Shawn Bryan

Diane Holland

Kenley Freeman

Steve Dale

Joan Murray

Dave Blythe


Montpelier, VT

Community Life Focus Group

Summary of our Work and Study 

Recommendations for Vestry Consideration

PURPOSE – Why we are here

A Christian faith community that welcomes all, worships together, transforms lives, and engages in God’s work in greater Montpelier and beyond.

Thought behind this statement: First, people are welcomed in; then they worship, grow in faith and are transformed; then they take that Spirit out into the world.   The purpose statement is brief, so it can easily be put in the bulletin, letterhead, website and other communications. It is broad in scope to allow for the many paths our mutual ministries may take. The Vestry adopted this Purpose Statement, April 2013.

VISION – Where we are going (3, 5, 10 yrs.)

Living into the aspiration of a cathedral in the capital city through a strong connection to our community (as a spiritual, cultural, legislative, and ecumenical resource center and gathering place), growing our culture of service, and exploring new pathways for outreach.

As a spiritual practice, creating a culture of grateful and generous stewardship of ourselves – our talents and time – and of our treasure – our buildings, grounds, and finances.

Honoring our traditions as we also explore fresh expressions of lively worship, music, and liturgy.

Inviting, empowering and supporting a creative, nimble, and diverse community of seekers who expand and nurture our vibrant life of discipleship. (Mutual Ministry)

Developing many paths of Christian formation for children and adults.

STRATEGIES – How to get there (numbers refer to the Vision # addressed)

Research community needs, have intentional conversations with our neighbors, and use that information to generate how we use our space and what forms of outreach might best meet those needs. 1

Evaluate the feasibility of a capital campaign to upgrade and restore our buildings and grounds (especially our courtyard, the community sanctuary without walls) to enhance opportunities for ministry. 1, 2

Incorporate transformative moments into worship services on a regular basis. Expand our music program with periodic concerts and new music. Explore a variety of liturgies. 3

Develop a consistent and welcoming process of hospitality. 1, 4

Empower mutual ministry for pastoral care through support and encouragement of our newly formed pastoral care team. 2, 4

Use flexible ministry teams as centers of creativity, to address specific issues or concerns, long range planning, etc. (Recent examples of flexible ministry teams are the small group that researched the district heating project, and the community life focus group.) 4

Maintain a lively connection with the diocese, for mutual support, learning and enrichment. 3, 4, 5

Extend Christian formation opportunities – Sunday school, book study groups, Bible study, vestry retreats, choir retreats, worship committee retreats, silent retreats, youth community service projects, interfaith youth projects, mission trips. 5

Respectfully submitted,

The Community Life Focus Group

Maggie Thompson, Chair

Jean Jersey

Ginny Catone

Daniel Hollister

Diane Holland

Ethan Bodin

Elizabeth Wilcox