Image result for offertory plate episcopalStewardship; Time, Talent, and Treasure

Stewardship is a concept that can be misunderstood by some folks.  While stewardship is about money and financial giving, it is also about giving of ourselves in our time and in our individual gifts.  As Christians, we believe that God gives each of us unique talents that are meant to be shared.  Some of us are gifted with using our hands to fix or make things.  Others are gifted with strategic planning and visionary thinking. Still others are gifted and feel called to work in areas of social justice.  Whatever gifts we have been given, God calls us to share those gifts by lifting others up and by making this world a better place.

At Christ Episcopal Church, we are striving to become a “cathedral in the city.” This means that we want to become better neighbors to our Montpelier community by sharing our resources and gifts to the community at large.  At Christ Church, we are blessed to not only have a beautiful and spacious building, but we also have a beautiful courtyard park that many local residents enjoy on a daily basis. We recognize that good stewardship of our buildings and grounds means giving back to our community by opening our doors and our hearts to the greater Montpelier community.